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Name: Kevin McNeely
Location: Phoenix, AZ

I have just come to Phoenix, by way of Dallas, TX. I have a long affiliation with the Missouri Synod. Recently a business colleague shared about WELS. I will be coming to visit in the near future.

I look forward to worship at Deer Valley.


Name: Richard N. Hansen
Location: Appleton, Mn
I was a member there until 2001, when I moved to Appleton, Mn. I would like to get my membership information.

Name: Kat Maynard
Location: Anoka, MN
Moving to PHoenix and will be attending this church after i arrive in September

Name: Suzanne Herczeg
Location: Phoenix AZ

Name: Jack and Ginger Porr
Location: Glendale, AZ
I really appreciate what the minister said about Christmas. I am so tired of hearing Happy Holidays. We say Merry Christmas. America has gotten away from christianity. So Marry Christmas and God Bless America... We will be joining for Christmas Eve Service. We have decided we need to be back in church. We have been looking for a Sat service. Jack works on Sun.

Name: Sabrina DeRouin
Location: Phoenix
I am going to start using this site more often life keeps me pretty busy. I do not get to chruch as much as I would like but now I have a new resource to hear the Lords Word. Thank you for easy to use webcite

Name: Cheryl Admire
Location: Anthem, AZ
I use this sight at night to read the daily devotions. My husband and I do not get to church very often because we have a 7 month old baby girl and I'm usually on-call for work. I think this sight is great for me.

Name: Andrea Baerman Lemke
Location: Appleton, Wi
Not enough pictures of the Elders! :)

Great site. It's nice to see one that is current. And the photos are a fabulous touch. You look like a very warm, welcoming congregation. Keep up the good work.

To God be the Glory,


What a wonderful site!! Pastor's updates always remind us of how blessed we are as a church family, especially so to have such a wonderful Pastor, and a "beacon" of a Deacon who always brings a smile to our faces, and our truly amazing church secretary who keeps us going "strong". Thank you one and all!!

Name: Jenni Taylor
Location: Anthem, AZ

Name: Diane Natalie
Location: Glendale AZ
Great site! Plenty of information and easy to navigate.

Name: Barbi Sheldon
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Name: LaToya Beatty
Location: San Carlos, Arizona
I am a member of Peridot Lutheran Church and saw your Women's Retreat flyer. I may attend...I visited your site to find your address.