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Transformed Devotion
Kids for Christ -YES Group(Teens)


This is our Sunday school program for Kindergarten through seventh grade students.  We will meet at 10:15 am in room 2.  The children will learn Bible stories and apply the truths to their lives with the help of the teachers.  This year we will have a preschool room for children 4 and under.  It will be supervised by volunteers of the congregation so parents may attend Bible class. During the summer the children join their parents in an intergenerational Bible study.  

YES GROUP- The YES Group, YOUTH EXCITED TO SERVE is for the teen group,  We have different service projects we work on throughout the year locally and outside of Phoenix.  We typically volunteer at the Grand Canyon for a service project each summer and work with Citrus Gleaning and West Side Food Bank,  We also meet with other valley Lutheran churches for team building and fellowship.

YES Group -Teen Night Sunday's are the third Sunday of the month at 6:30 pm.